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A Life of Travel

A Life of Travel commits to sharing the most stunning locations on Earth with you. We will make your vacation unique, exhilarating, and picturesque. When booking a trip with our boutique adventure travel organization, you’re signing up for an experience that is superior to ordinary travel tours. Your knowledgeable and personable guides offer extensive familiarity of and exclusive access to your travel destination. The hotels and local amenities are well-vetted to ensure your safety and comfort, while remaining unconfined to the ordinary destinations. As one traveler said, “We weren’t just off the beaten path…we made our own!” Owner and lead guide, Thomas Kokta, is a photographer who loves to travel and to teach, ensuring that you’ll return with beautiful images to memorialize your adventures.  You do NOT have to bring a "big camera" - some of our guests bring none, and just enjoy the experience!


If you would like more information on our organization or any upcoming trips, we are available to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to the opportunity to travel with you and hope you’ll join us soon.


Thomas Kokta, Founder


A Life of Travel sums up Thomas Kokta’s endeavors for the past two decades. Born and raised in Germany, Thomas caught the travel bug during his college years, after a stint as a student in the U.S. convinced him that he wanted to see more of this big, big world. His notable outdoor adventures include a 220 mile hike along the John Muir trail, summiting such mountains as McKinley in Alaska, Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Africa, and an attempt at Mount Everest (alas, he only got to 26,000 ft). Wanting others to see the amazing places he had seen, Thomas began taking photographs as a way to share his wild world with family and friends. Thomas’s images have been recognized time and again, most recently by Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Travel Photographer of the Year, International Color Awards and Black and White Spider Awards. Thomas’s images are also sold through several stock agencies, including Getty Images and Masterfile. You can see more about Thomas' photography here:

Always seeking new challenges and adventures, Thomas switched gears from a wild life of mountain climbing and various outdoor activities in search of new landscapes and wildlife all over the world. Whether trying to stay warm in -40° F temperatures to photograph polar bears, braving rough seas to seek out great white sharks, or sweating it out on the African savanna, Thomas always appreciates how fortunate he is to travel, and observe the wonders of the world. Wanting to share his experiences with others, Thomas began conducting tours to those regions he travels to frequently and has an in-depth knowledge of. Thomas looks forward to traveling the world with you!

See more Polar tours on our partner site:

“Once again, thanks very much for a great trip Thomas! Since I’ve returned to Portugal I’ve told my friends stories about bears, cubs, salmon and the great adventure that our trip was! It really was amazing!”


Susana from Portugal

“Thomas showed me a side of Iceland that not many visitors get to experience. We weren’t just off the beaten path…we made our own path! This was no ordinary tour, this was an opportunity to truly experience a country and its people and to find the beauty beyond the the boundaries of our guide books. He has an intimate relationship with the places he visits as you can see through his stunning photography. To see the world through his lens is a true gift and I would recommend a trip with him to anyone.”


Danielle from USA

“Thomas, you did a great job on our trip to Alaska! You made me feel welcome (that’s important as people travel and aren’t sure what’s next – a welcome is reassuring). I thought you were exceptionally patient with all of us. You taught me about exposure compensation and shooting at f8, f9, f10 to get more depth of field, something I rarely do. A fun/productive trip!"


Kathy from USA


Monkey Ball was chosen as a Finalist for the

Natural History Museum, London's Wildlife Photographer of the Year!

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